Your Benefits

ReDefine the power of natural colors. Natural like an extract. Functional like a pigment. That’s our VIVAPIGMENTS®.

ReDefine the power of natural colors.

Converting from synthetic food colors to natural food coloring can pose many technical challenges. VIVAPIGMENTS® natural pigments help you achieve better solutions by providing an all-natural ingredient which provides lake-like characteristics. Natural dyes are encapsulated in a water-insoluble rice protein matrix, providing VIVAPIGMENTS® with extraordinary stability to light, heat and oxidation.

A wide array of colors allows you to achieve vibrant hues for your food and beverage applications. VIVAPIGMENTS® are insoluble and color by dispersion. Their opacity and high stability permit outstanding results, reduced color migration and an excellent cost-in-use.

The VIVAPIGMENTS® manufacturing process is a patented technological innovation, which offers you a range of benefits for your application:

  • natural source
  • color vibrancy & opacity
  • high stability
  • certified kosher and halal
  • vegetarian
  • allergen-free
  • aluminum-free
  • no undesirable odor or flavor
  • reduced color migration
  • compatible with most dispersion systems