Powder Plating

Have you experienced challenges in knowing how to select the correct colorant to go along with your powder, blend, or seasoning applications?

Coloring powders with natural colors

When powder plating or coloring powders one can face entirely different obstacles compared to coloring liquids or fat-based foodstuffs. Using natural colors for powder plating can leave product development teams with a challenge of achieving vibrant and uniform hues at reasonable dosages.

Standard natural color extracts often don’t show the plating characteristics which are commonly found in synthetic pigments. For specific applications where a colored powder may later be dissolved in aqueous solution, such as beverage concentrates, there is even a balance of color in the powder versus color in solution to be achieved.

Examining the performance of VIVAPIGMENTS® powders in multiple carriers, the results show how the technology can advance efficient and bright natural coloring solutions.

Implications of colorant and carrier particle size ratio

Powder plating is influenced by the physical interaction between the carrier powder and the coloring agent. In general, smaller particle size colorants will achieve a higher coverage. However, the difference in particle size between the carrier and the colorant is an important factor.

To demonstrate the capabilities of our natural VIVAPIGMENTS® we tested three carriers with very different particle sizes: Icing sugar, maltodextrin, and table sugar. As the particle size difference between the carrier and the pigment increases, the coloring power or the plating efficiency at the same color concentration increases as well. The small particle size of our pigments allows for great coloring capabilities with varying particle sizes of the tested carriers.

A technology to increase efficiency in natural color plating

The plating efficiency of the natural VIVAPIGMENTS® was tested relative to the performance of their soluble extract counterparts. Tests were completed at both equal concentrations and at concentrations equivalent to the amount of coloring matter in VIVAPIGMENTS®.

In all cases, the VIVAPIGMENTS® show a higher coloring power than the raw material at the equivalent concentration, and in some cases, it even has a coloring power above that of the raw material at an equal concentration. The increased brightness for a lower cost in use is clearly demonstrated in a powder plating application.

Our range of colors can help us assist you for all your coloring needs. Reach out and our specialists’ team will work hand in hand with you to achieve your product development goals.

Discover the VIVAPIGMENTS® natural color technology for your powder, blend or seasoning applications:


  • Fine particle size for strong coloring capabilities with multiple carriers
  • Natural, aluminum-free solution that works as an alternative to synthetic lakes
  • Increased brightness compared to raw material at a competitive cost in use