About us

ReThink natural colors for the food industry.

ReThink natural colors for the food industry

We are innovators, scientists and food-enthusiasts. VIVAPIGMENTS® is our answer to the technical challenges of working with natural colors in food and beverage. By ReThinking natural colors, we want to inspire food technologists in their attempt to replace artificial colors and to improve their natural color results in a way they never thought of.

VIVAPIGMENTS® is a brand of CAPOL Inc. which is part of the CAPOL group. We serve end producers in the food & beverage industry and color houses worldwide. Our naturally sourced pigments and coloring foodstuffs are manufactured in a patented process at our site in Montreal, Canada. We apply the highest quality and safety standards for your high-performing products.

For more information about the CAPOL group please also visit www.capol.de