Coloring through dispersion

Water dissolving natural colors cannot always achieve the desired result for low moisture food products, such as confectionary, chocolate or cake decorations. Difficulties like speckling or a loss in brightness can be overcome by making use of the VIVAPIGMENTS® hydrophobic properties.

Technical challenges in low moisture applications

The search for natural alternatives for color in the food industry is in full throttle. Despite this, many developers have a hard time finding a natural alternative that will provide the desired results in their final application.

Imparting color in low moisture food products, such as confectionary, chocolate or cake decor can be challenging for developers when using natural colors that readily dissolve in water. Difficulties such as speckling, loss in brightness and even changes in hue are due to the solubility of the natural colors. When there is very low (or no) water content in a product, natural colors that dissolve readily in water will have difficulties coloring the food matrix.

Bright and uniform color results with insoluble natural pigments

VIVAPIGMENTS® are developed as an answer to such technical challenges. The encapsulation of the natural extracts with rice protein offers hydrophobic properties that allow the clean label pigments to excel in food applications with low water content.

Coloring white chocolate, compound coating and cake decor with natural extracts can be riddled with challenges but VIVAPIGMENTS® can easily achieve a vibrant, uniform and most importantly a clean label color.

Our team of color specialists is showcasing VIVAPIGMENTS® in compound coating at application dosages ranging between 0.3-0.6% and comparing with the equivalent natural extracts at excess dosages.

If you are in search for a natural coloring alternative, but have been unable to find a food color that can work in your product, reach out to us and we will work together to find a solution for you!