Product Range

ReIncarnation of nature’s most beautiful colors. Color your food & beverages with natural pigments.

ReIncarnation of nature’s most beautiful colors. 

Nature offers a full palette of beautiful colors. VIVAPIGMENTS® helps you to capture them for your food and beverage applications. A range of fully natural, lake-like pigments provides you the stability, opacity and vibrancy you are looking for. VIVAPIGMENTS® are manufactured using proprietary technology to achieve their unique properties.

Our natural color pigments are available in powder or liquid form. Ask us about fat-based dispersions on oil or cocoa butter basis to meet your application requirements. Together, we define the most comfortable and effective choice suitable to your processes and food or beverage product.

Unleash your creativity and let us know about your application.

Powders with unique properties

VIVAPIGMENTS® powders have a fine particle size and are easy to disperse, especially in dry media applications.

Ready-to-use liquid dispersions

VIVAPIGMENTS® fat-based liquid dispersions offer a better ease of use for certain applications. Ask us about dispersions in any fat-based media, such as different oils or cocoa butter.