Natural colors with a unique manufacturing technology

Natural, bright and stable are on the wish list of many food developers when it comes to food coloring. VIVAPIGMENTS® achieve extraordinary results thanks to a patented manufacturing technology.

Natural food coloring

Today's food and beverage industry requires using natural colors. Yet vegetable extracts don’t always provide food manufacturers with the results they are seeking, especially in demanding applications. Based on a patented technology, VIVAPIGMENTS® natural colors combine vegetable extracts with rice protein. The result: natural color powders and natural color liquids for bright and stable natural coloring.

Unique coloring properties for the benefit of your application

The VIVAPIGMENTS® natural color technology is a patented technological innovation. Its unique characteristics are here to create visually appealing food and beverage products with all-natural food coloring.

Patented technology

In a patented manufacturing process, vegetable extracts are encapsulated with rice protein. The very fine powders resulting from this process are 100% natural and insoluble. With their lake-like characteristics, they are the perfect natural alternative to synthetic lake colors.

Extraordinary stability

Thanks to their encapsulation, the VIVAPIGMENTS® natural colors can achieve high color stability, such as to light, heat or oxidation. The insolubility of the natural pigments can be of service especially when battling natural color bleeding or color fading.

Outstanding opacity

Vegetable extracts are soluble in water or oil and provide their color by dissolving into a medium. VIVAPIGMENTS® color by the principle of dispersion. This is how they achieve outstanding opacity, for an intense color at a competitive cost-in-use. 

Exceptional brightness

The unique particle shape of VIVAPIGMENTS® increases light scattering at the surface. Due to this effect, the natural colors achieve bright hues with a high color intensity.

Colors from nature


VIVAPIGMENTS® is a vegan, plant-based and natural food coloring solution that meets all requirements for clean labeling. Relevant food and quality certifications are available for your consumer markets.

Full color range

Thanks to liquid or powder form, VIVAPIGMENTS® can be easily used in a wide variety of food applications. A full range of color hues are available to match any color of the rainbow. Discuss individual natural color blends with our team.

Discover VIVAPIGMENTS® for bakery, confectionery, chocolate & compound, dairy, snacks, ice cream, desserts, fillings and coatings, supplements, seasonings, vegan meat, fish and cheese alternatives and many more…