Brighter than the sun. Our yellows.

VIVAPIGMENTS® are your insoluble natural pigments with outstanding stability and vibrant hues. Discover our bright shades of yellow.

We provide natural yellow colors based on curcumin, the principle coloring pigment from turmeric (curcuma longa), as well as riboflavin which is also known as vitamin B2. The natural dyes are encapsulated in a water-insoluble rice protein matrix, making VIVAPIGMENTS® an all-natural ingredient which provides lake-like characteristics.

Our yellow natural colors are suitable for a comprehensive number of applications, including chocolate & compound, yoghurts, desserts, bakery & bakery decoration, coatings, fruit and cream fillings, fruit preparations, ice cream, seasonings, dry beverage or dietary supplements.

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EU coloring food: Our latest VIVAPIGMENTS® yellow

Carthamus sourced from the safflower plant is a natural colorant providing bright yellow shades. Thanks to the proprietary VIVAPIGMENTS® technology, the water-soluble extract is transformed into a natural pigment which can easily be applied to high-sugar or fat-based matrices as well as in dry mixes.  


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