Food colors ReInvented the natural way. A fully natural range of colors with the properties of synthetic lake pigments.

Food colors ReInvented the natural way

VIVAPIGMENTS® are natural food colors providing an outstanding stability and vibrant colors for the food industry. They owe their unique advantages to a patented production process. A proprietary technology is used to encapsulate natural dyes in a water-insoluble rice protein matrix. The resulting very fine pigment powders can be used like lake pigments, but don’t contain any aluminum salt as found in artificial pigments.

The patented encapsulation process makes VIVAPIGMENTS® insoluble. They therefore provide higher stability to light, heat and pH compared to natural color extracts. Coloring through dispersion, a homogeneous and strong color can be obtained.

The manufacturing of VIVAPIGMENTS® is based on carefully selected, fully natural ingredients. The all-natural solution unites the best of two worlds: VIVAPIGMENTS® are natural just like an extract but functional like a lake pigment. This is how we help to address the challenges of product developers worldwide in their attempt to turn to natural alternatives in food coloring.